塔兰图拉毒蛛X6 Quadcopter评估



I got this new 四旋翼机 last Friday but only today I had 的 time and 的 proper mood to write about it and make my 狼蛛X6 review.

On hearing 的 word “Tarantula” 我的思绪立刻转到了一个怪异的毛蜘蛛。的 engineers from JJRC tried to imitate 的 face of a spider in 的 design of 的 cockpit and I think 的y did it successfully.


通常,大型四旋翼飞机 that are able to lift Mobius or GoPro alike action 相机s are very expensive. The 狼蛛X6 (aka JJRC H16) is probably 的 only multi-rotor platform 那 can carry such cameras with 的 price under $60. If for you it’s enough to get 不错的视频质量,您可以购买 四旋翼机 together with 的 5MP camera available from 的 quad’的制作人额外收取$ 35。 如果你想要更好 video quality, I recommend to use it with only lightweight 相机s because to much weight will rapidly kill 您的 motors.

第一版 of 的 X6 四旋翼机 was released on a huge fancy box. Probably, in order to reduce 的 shipping costs, 的 new version of 的 狼蛛X6 得到一个小得多的盒子。塔兰图拉毒蛛X6蜘蛛四轴飞行器

当我寻找新的四边形模型时,备件的可用性是一个非常重要的因素,因为 they must be inexpensive and easily possible to procure. Most often one of 的 engines can broke down and for this model it is 容易替换为 一套(2 CW和2 CCW)仅售10美元。

狼蛛X6 评论

I have received the 相机-less version of 的 狼蛛X6 quadcopter that 由GearBest提供以进行诚实的审查。

After I opened 的 box I found 那 的 package contains 的 X6 quad with preinstalled propellers, 锂电池和充电器,1套备用螺旋桨,2个降落橇, 遥控器和 其他小配件。

首次飞行之前,必须安装并固定好螺旋桨防护罩(包括LED灯帽)和起降架。这样做时要小心, 我掉了酸味的螺丝,我必须卸下所有螺丝,然后打开四轴飞行器, find it. Trust me it 这是一个非常无聊的过程,但您永远不要把它留在里面, 金属零件会产生难看的东西 短路会 损坏接收板。

As I mentioned earlier, 的 design of 的 四旋翼机 tries to copy a spider and is available in two different colors blue and black. The tall landing skids allow to install a Mobius cam or a higher capacity battery underneath 的 battery door.

为了获得更好的定位效果,尤其是在夜间飞行中, the 四旋翼直升机配备7个LED灯,每个臂下一个,两个上 front of 的 cockpit 那 consolidates 的 spider look and one on top of 的 quad. All 的 LED lights have blue color excepting 的 ones 那 are under 的 back arms.

根据规格,塔兰图拉毒蛛X6带有备用电池的照明时间为8分钟,但我已经阅读过 on the “RC Groups” forum about a successful 连续飞行15分钟。该记录是通过安装获得的 更高容量的2200mAh锂电池,坦率地说,对于这种廉价的四轴飞行器来说还不错。

The transmitter is very small compared to 的 四旋翼机’s size 而且看起来有点便宜。 不幸的是我没有’t had 的 occasion yet to test if is compatible with other Tx protocols and if can be used 的 X6 quad with Devo或Futaba变送器。

With 的 top left button of 的 remote controller you can set 的 flight speed between 3 values: 40%, 60% and 100%. In 的 right of 的 LCD screen are two buttons, one to take photos and one for videos, but 的y will work only with 的 stock 相机.

塔兰图拉毒蛛X6 RC控制

塔兰图拉毒蛛X6’s的电机配有一个微型接头,该接头是 very helpful feature when you have to replace 的m. It’s not required to disassembly 的 entire 四旋翼机 just to replace a dead motor. The repair process will take only 5分钟 instead of one hour.

Yesterday I was out for some test flights with 的 YiZhan X6 and I’m impressed 快速,敏捷和强大 是,但仍然不知道如何 it can be set and how works 的 IOC mode.

我发现的唯一负面的东西 on this 四旋翼机,is 的 lack of 的 On/Off button. Every time you want to start or stop it, you must remove 的 battery cover and plug/unplug 的 battery.

向他人推荐产品非常容易,但是 the pros and cons in a product 评论 will be always affected by 的 personal opinion of 的 writer. If I sparked your 对此型号感兴趣,可以从GearBest订购 这里. Before you click on 的 buy button, don’t forget to read 有关此四旋翼飞机的更多评论,并观看一些 带有它的YouTube视频。


  • 大型强大的四轴飞行器, good payload capacity, can easily 电梯 small action 相机s;
  • 高起落架;
  • Anti-vibration 相机 mount;
  • 可调节的飞行速度(40%,60%和100%);
  • 6轴陀螺仪
  • 超级IOC定位 mode;
  • LVC电池警报;
  • Outstanding flip mode, 的 Tarantula X6 can flip perfectly at 的 height of only 1 meter;
  • LED lights for night flights (blue ones in 的 front and red ones in 的 back of 的 quad);
  • Flight time: 周围 8 minutes;
  • 控制范围: around 100-300 meters.

To improve 的 control range and flight performances of my 狼蛛X6 quad, 一世’我打算做一些黑客和改装,例如:

  • 添加一些真正的球轴承;
  • Adding a real Wi-Fi antenna, instead of 那 tiny wire;
  • 支撑平衡,我已经订购了便宜的电磁螺旋桨平衡器;
  • 正在安装 a EKOO S090 航拍摄像机;
  • FPV 适用于第一人称视角的航班的mod。
  • 2.4GHz遥控器;
  • 2 type of 相机 mounts (optional);
  • 5MP HD 相机 (optional);
  • 1套 of prop guards;
  • 4个LED帽(红色2个和蓝色2个);
  • 1套 spare propellers;
  • 2袋螺丝(1号和3号);
  • 螺丝刀;
  • 2s 1200mAh 7.4v锂电池30c high discharge rate;
  • 平衡电池充电器(2秒);
  • 狼蛛X6 user guide.

ps刚点了一个 赛马X8W 那是另一个 有趣的大型四轴飞行器 so a side by side Syma X8和Tarantula X6之间的比较可能会在下个月进行。


    • Sorry, does not come with any 相机 mount. You need to purchase it separately or improvise something.
      Anyway, I don not recommend to use 的 狼蛛X6 with a expensive 相机 like 的 GoPro Hero 5!. It can crashed any time and 您的 相机 is gone…

  1. 我有一个未用过的wl玩具v262发送的邮件。
    CanIi use 那 transmitter for my 塔兰图拉毒蛛 x6 ? I wish to rebuild tx 四旋翼机 with this and with 的 existing 四旋翼机 headless mode feature

  2. Stay away from this 狼蛛X6 它是 a dangerous quad-copter.
    它非常不稳定“new. #2 board” you don’不知道它将决定下一步要去哪里。它根本不会悬停,当它要前进时它会或者它可能会决定向左或向右走,您只是’不知道。由于行为不稳定,我差点打人。
    There upgrade to 的 new board was 的 worst thing for this X6 drone and 的y have not addressed 的 issue nor offered 的 original board. This may have been a great 四旋翼机 at one time but 它是 a pile of garbage now.
    Do 您的self a favor and DO NOT BUY 的 狼蛛X6. All 评论s you will read 那 are good are of 的 older model with receiver board version 1.

  3. 你好,

    Has enyone 的 pinout of 的 Camera-Connector ?
    我的相机无法正常工作– maybe defective — I like 拿 another one or do other things..

    The Antenna at 的 X6’s TX是塑料假的..只有一点点的24mm电缆(用于2,4GHz)

  4. 我的狼蛛X6闪烁并停在半空中,将电池放在测试仪上并读取剩余的60%,这是怎么回事?

  5. I have two of 的 塔兰图拉毒蛛s X6. I don’t don’t use 的 propeller guards, but I cut 的m so 的y can support 的 bottom of 的 ends of 的 arms. Screw on with one screw each. Break in motors. So far, I have had 的m and flown 的m quite a bit. The larger mah battery certainly helps.
    Put in bearings. No motor replacements yet, but I have 4 备用s when 它是 time.
    Powerful low cost drone. Xiaomi Yi 相机 works pretty good on it. Landing gear is pretty cheesy, but I ordered a 备用 set. Good low cost powerful 四旋翼机.
    避风港’没有完成fpv mod,但我可以尝试。

  6. 购买了第二只狼蛛X6
    撞到支路电机死了,更换了新的经过测试的电机,但仍然没有’t work

  7. Bought mine last week. Good 四旋翼机 apart from 的 damper doesnt stop jello while recording.
    I have 的 5mp 1080p version .. Oh yeah i was beeing stupid today and kinda broke one of 的 gear (stripd 4 or 5 的eth) off it but 的 small motor gear still drives 的 main gear prity good … Guys make sure you order 的 wifi antenna and 的 screw thing off BG you will get proper range 的n

  8. My 塔兰图拉毒蛛 x6 has great range but sometimes will just drop out of 的 sky. Even at close range it will drop just as if 的 transmitter was turned off.
    The battery has plenty of power left so 那 is not 的 issue. Has anyone experienced this and has anyone discovered what 的 problem or cure might be?

  9. 嘿,我’ve been having 的 same problems understanding 的 manual or what all 的 functions do, finally found out what IOC does. It’s basically a compass 那 I think 它是 sets at start up. So when you enable IOC you fly by compass and forward moves in 的 direction it was originally pointing.

  10. Whats is 的 max controls distance for this drone out of 的 box? is it really 300 meters?
    what are 的 improvements 那 you suggest? I have ordered one like this, but still looking for a good 5.8 fpv alternative, also would like to make sure 的 300 meters is for real or if is not, what I can do to get a better range?
    I got a little bit confused with 的 Ball Bearing you were talking about, where is 那 located in 的 motors?

    • 它的控制范围很好,但是我可以’告诉我是否为300米(我认为更小)。
      IT has enough 电梯ing power to add a Mobius or Runcam 相机 with a tiny 200mw TX for FPV.
      Ball bearing on 的 main gear not in 的 motor.

  11. 好吧,我刚把狼蛛x6放进去了,我一直在尝试用它做视频,但是’s not showing up although it says 的re’s a video clip 的re any ideas how to fix 那

  12. 你好,
    For some reason now when increasing 的 throttle to power off 的 aircraft moves backwards and attempts to flip itself over backwards. No amount of trimming or resetting 的 upward straight control as per instructions works!

    • 如果看起来像X6赢了’保持稳定并以您提到的方式飞行。’可能是一个或多个后部电动机熄灭,并且无法提供足够的后部举升力以使其平整。电动机是新的时,它们需要一个‘burn in’在很低的转速下(大约5分钟)(这些电机是有刷电机)进行清洁,然后再用罐装空气将其除尘。至少它们易于更换且价格便宜。
      Google搜索“X6 塔兰图拉毒蛛 motors” gives you many options for replacing 的se.

  13. I added a push-button switch from Radio Shack towards 的 front of 的 X6 Quad. What a difference. Now I can easily turn ON/OFF 的 flying spider.

    • The X6 Flying spider needs bearings with size: 3mmx6mmx2mm. Exactly 的 same size 那 are using 的 威乐 V262, V333 and V666 or MJX F47 and F647.
      Look for MR63-ZZ radial bearings, 的 price is 周围 $1/pcs.

    • You can get 的 bearings from MJX F47 F-47 F647 Helicopter Spare Parts: 023 Bearing 6x3x2.


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