SYMA X5U W 四边形copter review

赛玛 X5U W 四边形copter review

SYMA X5U W drone – Is it 的 perfect Christmas gift?

In my opinion, 的 赛玛 X5 series is one of 的 most popular entry level 四边形copter family and I bet that this year 的 SYMA X5U W will be found under many Christmas trees. I think 的 nice candy red color will make it attractive even for girls 🙂

My 四边形copter addiction started about 3 years ago, when I purchased my 第一架无人机, which was a 赛玛 X5C. If I remember correctly, I paid about $65 for it. Now, 的 SYMA X5U W, 额外支付10美元,不仅是它的设计有吸引力,而且还提供 plenty of new features.


赛玛’s “X5U” series has two models, 的 X5U W with WiFI 移动电玩城 camera and 的 X5U C with 非移动电玩城 2MP摄像机。都 variants comes with same top-notch 功能(高度保持和一键起飞/着陆)。

SYMA X5U W review

通常,我跟踪订单,但我没有’希望本周什么都没有。我很高兴终于有一个更轻松的一周。然后我收到通知,我必须去当地邮局领取包裹。赛玛 X5U W 四边形copter review - Introduction

到达邮局,海关官员问我’在盒子里,多少钱。我笑了,我说我们需要打开它,因为我不知道’t know what’在里面。令人惊讶的是SYMA X5U W。

为了澄清 我需要感谢谁 this product, 我检查了所有电子邮件。我发现詹姆斯来自 邦古德 ordered it for me on Oct 18, 2016, but 的 status remained “Ready To Process”…

Inside 的 box, I found beside 的 赛玛 X5U W 四边形copter 以及其发射器,全套备用螺旋桨,1套刀片保护器,飞行电池,高清WiFi 移动电玩城摄像机,4GB micro SD卡,USB读卡器,USB充电电缆,螺丝刀,电话夹夹和用户手册。赛玛 X5U W 四边形copter review - 配饰

SYMA X5U W review – First impression –设计和建造质量


的redesigned low-profile landing gears offer better stability in case of a hard landing.

Many will probably consider 的 candy-red color a bit girly but I actually like it. Don’t mention that 的 shiny paint makes 的 aircraft more visible in 的 sky as well as on 的 ground.

In order to protect 的 main gears from excessive dust, strands of hair, or grass 的y are enclosed in 的 mainframe.

Thanks to 的 clip-on system, 的 propeller guards can be easily attached to 的 aircraft (no screws required).赛玛 X5U W review - VS 赛玛 X5C

在夜间飞行中,您将被5个LED灯引导。 Red 前面的LED和绿色的LED 在后部,每个手臂下一个(在附近 the motor) and one on 的 top of 的 aircraft, around 的 power button.

SYMA X5U W 四边形copter highlights

  • 时尚的设计;
  • 高度保持;
  • 无头飞行模式;
  • 一键起降;
  • 一键返回家中;
  • 虚拟航路点任务(无GPS);
  • Dual flight speed rates (High and 低);
  • 三倍 control modes (physical RC, virtual sticks and gravity control through 赛玛 Go APP);
  • 低-voltage and overcurrent protection;
  • 控制范围可达100米;
  • 移动电玩城范围约40米;
  • 长达7分钟的飞行自主权。

SYMA X5U W review – Transmitter \ 赛玛 GO APP

赛玛 decided to redesign not just 的 aircraft but also its remote controller.  Although it does not have a LCD screen or trimming buttons, 的 发射机看起来更时尚, more user friendly.

On 的 front panel, besides 的 two usual control sticks, 的re is only one button, 的 power switch.赛玛 X5U W 四边形copter review - Transmiiter

的X5U W transmitter has in total four shoulder buttons, two on each side. While 的 left-frontal one allows to start/stop video recording, 的 left-rear one takes photos.

Automatic take-off/landing can be engaged by short pressing 的 rear-right shoulder button.

Switching between flight speed rates (Low/High) can be done by short pressing 的 right control stick. One beep means “Low”速度和两声鸣音“High” speed.

Although 的 SYMA X5U W drone 可以通过3种方式(心理RC,虚拟摇杆和通过智能手机)进行控制’重力传感器),我建议新手首先练习使用变送器。熟悉基本的飞行动作后,他们可以体验到以下乐趣:“drive”倾斜手机(例如在赛车游戏中)。赛玛 X5U W 四边形copter review - 赛玛GO APP

In case that 的 X5UW quad starts to fly abnormally, I recommend first to try to re-calibrate 的 gyro by pushing both sticks to 的 lowest right position.

SYMA X5U W review – Camera

的camera 来了 detached from 的 四边形. After 的 camera is mounted under 的 belly of 的 aircraft, 的re are no visible wires or antennas. 的angle of 的 lens can’t be adjusted.

我的第一个积极惊喜是它的Micro SD插槽装有4GB的存储卡。这是个好消息,因为录制的视频直接存储在相机上,不需要智能手机即可捕获视频。另外,由于没有像其他WIFI 移动电玩城摄像机那样从实时视频提要中保存视频/照片,因此我希望图像质量更好。

If the SYMA X5U W 四边形copter is connected to your mobile device through 的 赛玛GO APP, 的 videos/photos are stored in both locations (camera’s and smartphone’s memory).

一分钟的录制视频占用约5MB。照片和视频的分辨率均为1280 x 720像素。赛玛 X5U W 四边形copter review - Camera

尽管与其他WiFI相机相比,色彩饱和度较低, in my opinion, the SYMA X5U W’s camera offers better sharpness. Unfortunately, 的 video frame rate seems to be less than 25fps.

SYMA X5U W review – Test flight

电机可以布防 in 2 ways, by pushing up and down 的 throttle stick (left one in mode2) or moving both sticks to 的 lowest inner position.

You can also start your flight by pressing 的 front-right shoulder button (take-off). This way, 的 motors are not just armed but 的 四边形-copter will automatically rise to about 2 meters high.

的“Low” speed rate is just perfect for indoor practice. 的aircraft is very stable and reacts well to 的 control commands.赛玛 X5U W 四边形copter review - Test flight

当我切换到“High” speed 的 四边形 became speedy and more agile. This speed rate is recommended for outdoor flights. 的wind resistance is also improved at this speed rate.


My first flight with 的 SYMA X5U W 大约6分钟后结束。老实说,我对它的飞行表现印象深刻。与我的相比,有很大的进步 X5SC-1.

Test flight video with 的 赛玛 X5U W 四边形copter

  • 价格–性能比
  • 设计和建造质量
  • 相机/ 移动电玩城
  • 遥控器

SYMA X5U W review - Final words

Thanks to its all great features and premium design we can declare that currently 的 X5U W is 的 flagship model of 的 X5 series.
的“Gyro” control mode is pretty awesome and 的 移动电玩城 camera does 的 job decently.
This 赛玛 X5U W is an excellent option for newbies who do not want to invest a fortune in 的ir first 四边形copter.

对于那些 缺乏圣诞节礼物的想法,这 SYMA X5U W 可以在BG网站上找到 这里 at $74.99 with free shipping. If you need a longer fun time I recommend purchasing together with 的 drone also few spare batteries.赛玛 X5U W 四边形copter review - Final words


  • 非常好的设计;
  • 许多强大的功能;
  • 改进的720P WiFi 移动电玩城摄像机;
  • 多种控制模式。


  • 专用飞行电池;
  • 移动电玩城上的视频帧速率慢。

SYMA X5U W review – Photo gallery



  1. 看到您对syma x5uw的评论,想知道您是否可以帮助新手。
    我的技术水平较低,无法弄清楚如何打开移动电玩城功能。我连接了良好的信号,但我看到的只是虚拟操纵杆屏幕。我想了一切。曾经有一次但是没有’t know how I did it.