切尔森 CX-10W评估

切尔森 CX-10W评估

切尔森 CX-10W世界’s 小est first person view 四旋翼机

Yesterday, when I received 的 Cheeson CX-10W供审查 and I sow 的 size of 的 package I knew it would be my shortest review and basically useless to make an unboxing video 🙂

CX-10W是第三 generation of the Cheerson Hobby mini 四旋翼机 series. First model of this series, 的 CX10 was revealed about two years ago. Even if it was offered 与out a camera, everyone was surprised about 的 size of 的 aircraft. 为了 make 这个微 四旋翼机 more attractive, 的 second 代 was equipped 与 an onboard camera. When I received 的 CX-10C 供审查 one of my friends asked me it it has FPV mode. That time I smiled on his expectation 从 such a tiny quad.


Few years ago it seemed unimaginable 的 FPV flying 与 such a 小 multirotor like this 切尔森 CX-10W。现在我们 don’甚至不需要物理发射机 pilot 的m because 的y can be controlled 与 our smartphones. Of course, this fact helped to dramatically reduce 的 overall production costs 对生态学来说是一件伟大的事情。

切尔森 CX-10W 四旋翼机 Review

I will start my review thanking James 从 邦古德 谁给我这个漂亮的玩具 测试一下,并写下我对此的印象。可能很多人会考虑 some kind of waste of time to play 与 such a basic model 但 I think every model has its own fun.

Unlike its predecessor, 的 CX-10W is available in three colors, 金色,银色和玫瑰红色。我想念一些真正的浮华 使其更明显的颜色和 easy to find when it lands in high grass. My son was not too happy for 的 rose-red color 但 he quickly passed over this issue when he saw that it can be controlled 与 his tablet.切尔森 CX-10W评估-第一印象

切尔森 CX-10W评估– First impression

As previously mentioned 的 CX-10W is packed in a small 85 x 85 x 40 mm cardboard box. Besides 的 tiny aircraft, 的 package includes one set of spare propellers, USB charger and user manual. Yes, 的re is no transmitter included 并且您将需要智能手机来试驾这款Cheerson 无线上网 Quad。

The total weight of 的 aircraft is around 17 g which makes it probably one of 的 world’最轻的FPV四足动物。

The design of 的 aircraft is very similar 与 的 one the previous models has, excepting 的 big “WIFI” logo from 的 top of it. On 的 right side of 的 mini drone are located 的 ON/OFF power switch and 的 tiny charging connector.

为了 在弱光条件下可以更好地定向 on 的 front arms 的re are blue LEDs and on 的 rear arms the LEDs are red.

也许看起来很奇怪,或者好像东西坏了 but those two pieces of wires that came out 从 的 CX10W serves as Wi-Fi antenna.切尔森 CX-10W评估- 相机

切尔森 CX10W评估– 相机

内置摄像头可以捕捉 photos and videos 与 resolution of 720 x 576 pixels. One minute of video 与 16 bit mono audio occupies about 60MB and resulting about 200 MB files per flight. This CX-10W doesn’t require a micro SD card like its predecessor because 的 捕获的文件存储在智能手机上’s flash memory, in 的 folder named “WiFiUFO”.

当然,我们可以’t expect a 这款微型相机带来出色的图像质量,但经过几次测试,我可以说这是 pretty good according to 的 price and size of 的 CX10W (check 的 sample photos at 的 end of my review).

相机’s real-time video feed can be displayed on 的 smartphone’s display through 的 “CX-10WiFI APP”。可以为Android设备下载此移动应用程序 from 这里 and for iOS 从 这里.

Unfortunately, 的 FPV has some lag, but anyway 的 controls are overlaid on video and it is dificult to fly 的 aircraft in first person view mode.切尔森 CX-10W评估- App

切尔森 CX-10W评估– Test flight

为了 test 的 flight capabilities of 的 CX-10W quad I had to install on my smartphone 的 previously mentioned app.

捆绑 the phone 与 的 aircraft is very simple. After 的 quad-copter is switched ON, a new open network called “CX-10W-8ffacb” will show up on 的 list of 的 accessible 无线上网 connections. Next step is to select and connect to this network and run 的 CX-10WIFI App.

通过 default, 的 virtual controls function in mode2 与 left stick as throttle. The flight direction of 的 aircraft can be controlled 与 的 right control stick or through 的 smartphone’s internal gyro-sensor by tilting 的 phone. Practically, 的 切尔森 CX-10W 就像我们玩手机游戏一样可以控制,孩子们一定会喜欢上此功能。

广告控件 distance is up to 25 meters, which I think is fairly enough for such a 小 and inexpensive toy.

现在我只在室内测试 非常稳定且易于悬停的位置 Controlling it through tilt of 的 phone is really fun. If need it, 的 flight speed rate can be switched between 30, 60 and 100%. Later I will upload some test videos to show 的 camera’s image quality.切尔森 CX-10W评估- Test flight

切尔森 CX-10W评估– Final words

我对Cheerson CX-10W唯一的失望是 flight time. With fully charged battery it has about 播放时间为3-4分钟。无论如何,在$ 33上花费 this toy 考虑到这是一个不错的室内传单,对于某些人来说是完美的,这不是一个坏主意 办公室放松时间。那些 有兴趣给它 a try with this micro FPV quadcopter 应该知道可以 ordered 与 18% discount 从 这里。重要的事实是 备件可用并且相对便宜, 整套螺旋桨的成本约为1.60美元, a new battery $2.90.



  • 最小的FPV Quad
  • 3种不同的飞行速度速率(30%,60%和100%);
  • 体面的视频质量(录制的和实时的);
  • 陀螺仪 或虚拟操纵杆(电梯/电梯)控件;
  • 模式 1 and 模式 2 virtual controller;
  • Low 电池 voltage alarm;
  • One 但ton calibration.


  • 播放时间短;
  • Built-in 电池;
  • 打开Wifi,每个人都在 its range can peek;
  • 只能通过控制 APP;
  • 关于 1 second delay on 的 FPV signal.
  • 价格–性能比
  • 建筑质量
  • 飞行特性
  • 上场时间
  • 遥控器
  • 相机
4 (4 票)

Images 与 的 CX10W 四旋翼机

Sample images taken 与 的 CX-10 W’s camera