XK X380 四旋翼机 review
XK X380 GPS四轴飞行器 我收到了一些关于 有关我的RC组论坛 之前的四轴飞行器评论,对此表示感谢。我恳请所有读者, in case they find 错误的事实或只是一些错误键入的单词 我的XK X380评论或任何 of my 文章注意我。我从来没有声称我'我是专业作家或四轴飞行器专家,但我'm...

Walkera Runner 250 Advance

Walkera Runner 250 Advance Quadcopter
Walkera Runner 250 Advance赛车GPS Quadcopter Adding GPS features to a racing 四旋翼机 it looks maybe somehow inappropriate but, taking into consideration that 的 Walkera Runner 250 Advance has about 1km flight range it is good to have a backup 以防万一 the pilot can't find 的 way back. In order to buy a racer 四旋翼机 you should now that this kind of "toys" are...

FUAV Seraphi GPS 四旋翼机

FUAV Seraphi Qudacopter
FUAV Seraphi负担得起的GPS Quadcoper又名Seraphi Phantom 如果我没记错的话,几个月前 我已经介绍过 on the quadqopter news section 装有FUAV Seraphi的类似飞机,但品牌不同。 The actual tendency of 的 multi-rotor manufactures is to use 的ir own gimbal 和 camera without letting any upgrade 和 tuning possibilities. This new Seraphi from FUAV is trying to...

Syma X8W test flight 和 impressions

Syma X8w试飞
Syma X8W 四旋翼机 maiden flight I received this 四旋翼机 about a month a go. Over this period I have flown it many times 和 I can tell that it is a nice 和 stable flyer. During one 我的 test flights with 的 Syma X8W I lost my control over 的 aircraft and crash landed. The quadcopter almost hit deadly a wild rabbit that probably came from 的 nearest forest right into my...

Syma X5sC-1 四旋翼机 review

Syma X5sc-1 Quadcopter评估
S5sC’s Syma X5sC-1 stylish 四旋翼机 for beginners All 的 kids are now back to school 和 的 parents (ok probably only 的 dads :)) will have more time to play with 的ir favorite remote controlled 玩具. 昨天是我6岁的儿子's first school day, 他看起来很热心,我'我很好奇他是否会继续这样下去 graduating 的 college. We...

Flying3D X6 加 FPV Quadcopter

Flying3D X6 加 四旋翼机
Flying 3D X6 加 with FPV upgrade Just found out 关于这款Flying 3D X6 加 quadcopter but I can't really call it a new model because 的 "basic"它的版本已发布 many months ago. At 的 first sight 的 "Plus" edition is 的 well known Flying 3D X6 with a complete first person view system. 的 price difference between 的se two models is...

JJRC H22 四旋翼机 with inverted flight

JJRC H22四旋翼机
JJRC H22廉价多旋翼飞机,带有上下颠倒的飞行模式 This year, the quadcopter market was dominated by 的 JJRC 多转子制造商。他们 released so many models that it's hard for me even to count 的m. This new JJRC H22 四旋翼机 with inverted flight mode 和 extremely attractive 此价格适合室内娱乐,但在低风条件下,也可以飞 outdoor. JJRC H22准备飞出...

FQ777 AF957 aka 的 Gazer

FQ777 的 Gazer 957
FQ777 AF957 first person view 四旋翼机 The promo images with 的 FQ777 AF957 are revealing a 四旋翼机 与n extremely cool design. Few months 之前我已经测试过FUQI FQ777的另一种型号。那模特让我大开眼界 a neat design 和 良好的制造质量,希望这款新型AF957 FPV 四旋翼机 will also follow 的se characteristics . On 的 first impression 的 biggest disavange of this...

Which is 的 best Quadcopter?

Which is 的 best 四旋翼机?
Taft question: Which is 的 best first Quadcopter? Buying the second 四旋翼机 is a much easier decision, you already have some 基本的 knowledge 和 term of comparison. 您知道您想要更多功能更多的性能 你会投资你的爱好 as much as your budget permits it. No doubt, 的 hardest thing is to find your best first 四旋翼机. When I started my own blog...

九月’s 四旋翼机 reviews

九月's www.firstquadcopter.com上的Quadcopter评论 I'm计划在秋天进行有趣的秋季测试,新测试了两个 quadcopter models and one 万向节,在户外飞行季节结束之前。一世'm very curious regarding 的 XK Detect X380 model which will be my first GPS 四旋翼机 that I test. I also plans to equip it 与 brushless gimbal 和 a camera to make some quality...