Coming soon: 大疆创新 FPV无人机 with FPV Goggles V2

大疆创新 FPV Drone leaked photo

I’确保每个人都已经看到了即将到来的这些泄露的照片 大疆创新 FPV无人机. The images show 大疆创新’s first FPV无人机 sold in combo with a new redesigned 大疆创新 FPV remote controller and possibly an upgraded 大疆创新 FPV Goggles V2. The source of the images is 奥西塔, the trustful and reputable 大疆创新 leaker.

2020 was quite an active year for 大疆创新, they released two new drones (MINI 2和Mavic Air 2)和三个云台(口袋2,Osmo Mobile 3和Ronin S 2)。可以肯定的是,他们的FPV无人机将成为许多RC爱好者的蛋糕。


大疆创新’s first FPV无人机 has a cool spaceship style design with some frosted plastic canopy. Most likely it will feature GPS positioning and other smart functions. The battery seems to be loaded from the tail of the drone. As you see in the image below, there is a heat sink on top of the drone’s which could be the upgraded 大疆创新 Air Unit with an integrated flight controller.

Design of 大疆创新 FPV Drone

我已经计划在2021年从模拟FPV切换到数字FPV,为此我节省了一些钱。老实说,这次泄漏阻止了我扳动扳机。我发现实际DJI FPV护目镜没有HDMI输入来连接游戏机或其他数字输入有很大的局限性。当然,希望V2具有相同的价格。

What we expect from the 大疆创新 FPV无人机 (desired features)

  • 坚固的碳纤维车架(4-5)″ propellers;
  • 要轻巧(250克以下);
  • 4K @ 60fps的车载录制;
  • 机械万向节稳定和远程摄像机角度调节;
  • 4-6S电池兼容性;
  • 3种飞行模式(角度,地平线和Acro);
  • 最高时速150〜200kph;
  • GPS用于故障安全返回家中;
  • 远端ID(UAS远程识别);
  • 最后,要负担得起:)。


  1. Looks like the new V2 大疆创新 FPV Goggles use two transmitting antennas and two receiving antennas. Wonder how that will affect performance compared to the 3+1 configuration of the original v1 goggles.

  2. 我期望新的V2 Dji FPV护目镜有4件事:
    1. OELD屏幕具有更好的对比度和纯黑色;
    2. HDMI输入/输出;
    4. Compatibility with old Caddx Vista and 大疆创新 Air Unit.

    • The new 大疆创新 FPV combo pack (drone + RC + goggles) will be probably over $1000.
      目前,他们出售‘DJI FPV体验组合’(FPV护目镜,变送器,照相机和空气装置),现价$ 819

    • 图像中的FPV护目镜在我看来是相同的,没有设计更改。除非它’一个仅具有内部硬件更新的新V2