JJRC makes some of 的 best toy drones money can buy.

就我个人而言 love JJRC products. In addition to 的 good price/value ratio, 的y have very good after sale support.


Over 的 years we reviewed more than 10 JJRC drone. Find bellow our best JJRC receives.

JJRC X16的评论,评分和样本片段

JJRC X16评论
JJRC X16是一款价格实惠,外观精美的可折叠无人机,重量不到200克。从我们的动手评测中了解,100美元的无人机是否可以与价格昂贵四倍的DJI Mavic Mini竞争。在纸面上,JJRC X16无人机看起来非常……

最佳无人机电池寿命–20分钟的飞行时间:JJRC X7评估

JJRC X7智能评论
Thinking of buying a drone with best flight time? Check out our JJRC X7 Smart review. Powered by a 2s/2600mAh LI-PO battery, 的 JJRC X7 has more than 20 minutes flight time. Furthermore it has powerful brushless motors, GPS positioning system and full HD...

150美元以下的最佳无人机? JJPRO X3 HAX评估

低于150美元的最佳无人机:JJPRO X3 HAX无人机评论
I often got 的 question "which is 的 best drone to buy under $150",我通常的答案取决于您要寻找的内容。如果您想要赛车无人机,则应该跳过此评论,但是如果您需要一艘不错的巡游无人机...

JJRC H345袖珍无人机评论:支付1并获得2

Until recently, remote controlled drones were expensive toys. Now, JJRC H345 offers not one but two drones for 的 same 友善 price. When I say "friendly"我的意思是少于30美元! JJRC includes in 的 H345 package, a white drone called JJI and a black...

Baby 尔菲 review: Smaller, more versatile JJRC H37

Mini Baby 尔菲 drone review
Following 的 great success of 的 H37 sElfie drone, JJRC announced a more compact version with innovative one-handed gyro control. 的 newer generation JJRC H37 Mini Baby 尔菲 is with about 2 cm shorter and 16 grams lighter than its predecessor. While 的 first generation of...

JJRC H37 尔菲 quadcopter review

JJRC H37 尔菲 review
JJRC H37 - 的 cheapest smartphone controlled foldable "selfie drone" 通常,像JJRC H37 尔菲这样的自拍无人机是非常昂贵的配件。 虽然JJRC的设计 Elfie is very similar with the ZeroTech Dobby有一个 他们来自完全不同的联盟。 其实有点夸张 categorize 的 H37...

江铃J23 drone car in-depth review

江铃J23 quadcopter car review
江铃J23 Quadcopter车带来双重乐趣 Recently, JJRC announced 的ir H23 drone car. It is basically 的 SY X25 but with a much nicer design. Notably is that both models can be easily switched from ground to air operation. Practically you can drive 的 江铃J23 like a car...

JJRC H31想要防水四边形

JJRC H31四轴飞行器评论
JJRC H31廉价四轴飞行器 无头模式和RTH Waterproof 四轴飞行器意味着飞机可以浸入水下。通常,防水 无人机非常昂贵,因为它们 具有不同的设计并需要特殊的组件。 JJRC玩具公司称,其售价为$ 33的H31 Quad可以淹没在水中并...

JJRC H20C直升机回顾

JJRC H20C eview
JJRC H20C迷你六轴带720P摄像机 Somehow I missed to review 的 JJRC H20C 's predecessor, which was probably 的 first affordable mini hexa-copter. 的se two models have approximately 的 same design but 的 newer H20C is slightly bigger and 带有更好的遥控器...

JJRC X1 Quadcopter评估

JJRC X1经济型四轴飞行器,带无刷电机 I started my journey in 的 world of 廉价拉丝的四轴飞行器 drone because, at that time, it didn't exist affordable brushless models like this JJRC X1. Based on my experience, 的 biggest problem of 的 cheaper brushed DC motors is...

捷豹H8C quadcopter

捷豹H8C  - Best quadcopter under $60 This new quadcopter comes under different names: 捷豹H8C, JJRC F183 or DFD F183. All of 的m are offering 的 same flight characteristics and features. They also have 的 same design and I think that 的 spare parts are interchangeable between 的se models. The JJRC...

JJRC H5C另一个X5C克隆

JJRC H5C- 新的Quadcopter还是只是更名? Looking on 的 设计和 的 specs nothing new on 的 JJRC H5C. It's only a rebranded Syma X5C. 的 only changes on this quadcopter is 的 logo on 的 top of 的 aircraft and 的 remote controller. Probably...

JJRC JJ-5000A和JJ-5000B超级旅行者

的  JJRC Super Voyager is another small palm sized quadcopter from 的 Jian Jian Toys 中国制造商。 它有两种不同的颜色组合:JJ-5000A(蓝色&白色)和JJ-5000B(红色& white). Probably the JJRC JJ5000A Super Voyager is one of 的 cheapest ready to fly quadcopter...

JJRC 1000A微型四轴飞行器

JJRC 1000A微型四轴飞行器 The JJRC 1000A quadcopter is one of 的 smallest and 的 cheapest micro quadcopter on 的 market. This 多旋翼真的很小巧可爱,接近手掌大小。它'仅12厘米x 12厘米,高2.5厘米。 配有彩色LED灯, RC quadcopter...