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We review all kind of accessories, from mb, Backpacks, FPV 摄影机, FPV显示器, Drone Goggles to Radio Transmitters and Receivers. Find 的 best accessories for 您r 无人驾驶飞机.

Best 无人驾驶飞机 accessories reviews

Mavic Air 2 Freewell VND滤镜套件评论

Freewell Mavic Air 2 ND滤镜评论
Are 您 just starting with video making and 无人驾驶飞机s? Do 您 想要 understand what VND filters are and in particular why we need 的m on a quadcopter? I hope to clarify 的se concepts in this 文章 by reviewing 的 pack of two VND...

每个人 EX5 spare parts and accessories

Repair parts for 每个人 EX5 无人驾驶飞机
Like all 无人驾驶飞机s, 的 每个人 EX5 has limited battery life. With a top-flight time of 25 minutes, 您 will definitely need extra batteries to allow 您 to fly and shoot with 您r EX5 无人驾驶飞机 without being grounded for a couple of hours while 您...

SKYREAT Mavic Air 2保护套:安全舒适

For sure, 的 biggest advantage of 的 Mavic Air 2 combo vs standard edition, is 的 longer playtime (3 vs 1 battery) and 的 included shoulder bag. If 您 are on a budget and go with 的 standard, 的 SKYREAT Mavic Air 2 Case...

Mavic Air 2 Skyreat滤镜(ND,CPL和UV)评测

Skyreat Mavic Air 2过滤器
Featuring [email protected] recording and lots of creative QuickShot modes, 大疆创新 ’s latest foldable 无人机 的 Mavic Air 2, is a very capable aerial platform. Made for aerial landscape photography, 的 SKYREAT filters kit includes ND, CPL and UV filters. Designed to be installed without 的...

PGYTECH Mavic Air 2配件评论

PGYTech Mavic Air 2配件
Choosing 的 right accessories and gadgets for 您r Mavic Air 2 can be complicated. Firstly, 您 have to decide what do 您 really need? Fun, safety, storage, video-making, or all kind of accessories from 的 same trusted brand? Here comes PGYTECH in 的 picture. 的y...

Insta360 GO review: A tiny camera in 的 word of 无人驾驶飞机s

Insta360 GO相机评测
的 Insta360 GO is a twenty-gram steady camera which 您 can love or hate from 的 first usage. Maybe 您 could feel restrained by its limited features 但, if 您 learn how to use it, it will be a great companion for lots of...

FiMI Palm评论:200美元以下的最佳4K口袋万向节?

FiMI Palm评论
In order to begin my review honestly, we must admit 那 的 FiMI Palm is not an innovative game-changer product. 大疆创新 released such pocket gimbal with even better specs 一 year earlier before Xiaomi. At a glance, 的 only pros of 的 FiMI Palm...

Heimvision HMD2评估:自供电网络摄像机

Heimvision HMD2评估
To be honest, firstly I wanted to say pass for Heimvision’s proposal regarding 的 possibility to test and review 的ir products. I considered 那 wireless WiFi IP 摄影机 are out of FirstQuadcopter niche. After I checked 的 specs and features of Heimvision HMD2, I...

Vantop Moment 5C 4K相机动手评测

Vantop Moment 5C评估
Before 的 coronavirus outbreak, budget action 摄影机 like 的 Vantop Moment 5C were 的 ultimate gadget for filming 您rself catching an epic wave when surfing, carving across snowy mountains on 您r snowboard, or having fun at a pool party. Now, things have changed a...

PGYTECH Mavic Mini配件:ND滤镜,起落架等

最好的PGYTECH Mavic Mini配件
大疆创新 in collaboration with PGYTECH started to offer a wide range of accessories from 的 first day of Mavic Mini official launch. Ordering accessories directly from 的 manufacturer’s website is proof 那 您 will get certified safe to use accessories for 您r 无人驾驶飞机. While...

Skyreat的Mavic Mini ND滤镜:评论& Sample footage

Mavic Mini Skyreat ND滤镜评论
With limited manual video control, 的 Mavic Mini is considered, rather than a toy, a truly flying camera for professional work. Many say 那 ND filters are completely useless for this 无人机 但 的n why are 的re so many options available? 对于这篇评论,我...

Skyreat Mavic Mini case review: 贱 storage bag

Skyreat Mavic迷你包评论
Although 的 Mini Mavic is only for a few months on 的 market 您 can already find tons of accessories for it. I counted more than 20 compatible bags with different shapes, sizes, and features from various brands. Today, we will have a closer...


CADDX VISTA HD vs 大疆创新  FPV Air Unit: What are 的 differences?
Last year, 大疆创新 announced 的ir first digital FPV system ecosystem which promised to provide 的 ultimate first-person view experience. 大疆创新 ’s FPV system has 4 main parts: camera, VTX, goggles, and a remote controller. 的 biggest problem of 的ir FPV Air Unit was its large...

HOBBYMATE Speed H6评测: Truly smart 无人驾驶飞机 charger

It looks like it has become a tradition to review on FirstQuadcopter all 的 newly-launched 无人驾驶飞机 chargers from HobbyMate. Today we will make an in-depth analysis of 的ir Speed H6 smart charger. Despite its small size, 的 HOBBYMATE Speed H6 is a very powerful...


When it comes to night flights, adding extra light to 您r 无人驾驶飞机 is a must-have. 的 解 could come from Ulanzi. 的ir DR-01 无人驾驶飞机 strobe light is self-powered and easy to install. Furthermore, it can bright in 3 different colors, in case 您 share...

创意Osmo Action配件(动手评测)

Last month I had 的 chance to review 的 Osmo Action camera. After 的 usually image quality analysis I wanted to check its native waterproofness by putting it in a dishwasher machine. For 的 test, besides some mounting accessories, I needed a self-powered waterproof...

FiMI X8配件和备件

Fimi X8 SE配件& spare parts
Like in case of most hobbies, buying 您r desired gear will not give 您 a full satisfaction. 的re is always an accessory which can make it even better or just more usable. In this 文章 I will show 您 all 的 best accessories I...

GoPro Hero 7 Black review: Oldies 但 still Goldie

GoPro Hero 7黑色运动相机评测
While everyone expects to read about 的 GoPro 8 which is near to be released in October 2019, I thought 那 it is 的 best time to make an in-depth GoPro Hero 7 Black review. Why now? Because 的 new model will definitively drop...


Like many awesome gadgets, 的 ZHIYUN SMOOTH-Q2 also started on Kickstarter. While 的 project goal was set to $100050, 的y managed to raise more than $300k from about 2300 backers - and 的 numbers are growing hour by hour. SMOOTH Q2 promises not just...

ZHIYUN CRANE M2 review: 的 环球士兵

Older guys like me probably still remember 的 movie named "Universal Soldier", it was about enhanced super troopers good for all 的 jobs. When I saw 的 first rumors about 的 ZHIYUN CRANE M2 gimbal, 那 movie came in to my mind. It is...


When it comes to record 的 journey of 您r FPV flights, 的re are two main approaches: on-board and ground station. 的 FXT DVR is suitable for both thanks to its built-in battery, small size and low weight. 此外,它具有WiFi连接,可让您...

VIFLY Cam Switcher review: Two FPV 摄影机 on 一 无人驾驶飞机

In a nutshell 的 VIFLY Cam Switcher is a tiny device which allows 您 to toggle between two video inputs remotely from 您r transmitter. For example, in addition to 的 frontal camera 您 will be able to install a second camera on rear of...



大疆创新 电池充电器:VIFLY PowerUltimate评估

VIFLY Power Ultimate 大疆创新 电池充电器评估
今天我们将对VIFLY进行更仔细的研究's 大疆创新 battery charger called PowerUltimate. This tiny aluminium box allows to charge 您r 大疆创新 无人驾驶飞机 battery right on 的 field. It is compatible with most consumer 大疆创新 无人驾驶飞机s (Mavic and Phantom series) - even with...

Crazepony 500mAh 2S LIPO评测:无刷百搭电池

Crazepony 2s 500mAh评估
关于 a month ago I received two pieces of Crazepony 2S/500mAh LiPo packs for review. Unfortunately, due to ESC failure, my FullSpeed TinyLeader was stuck on 的 ground so I had to wait with 的 battery performance tests till I repair it. As most Power...

大疆创新 Osmo Pocket review: Wingless 无人驾驶飞机 camera

Osmo Pocket评论& Ratins
的 大疆创新 Osmo Pocket was announced at 的 end of last year and from 的 first rumors we wanted to get 一 and test it here on FirstQuadcopter. 的 plan was to offer a real user experience based review. I spent 的 last couple...


鹰眼萤火虫要塞AIO FPV相机
的 Firefly Fortress from Hawkeye is an all-in-one 第一人称视角 camera 解. 的 960TVL camera module is paired 与n up to 72CH video transmitter board. According to 您r needs, 您 can set 25, 50 or 200 mW transmission power. PIT (low power)...

AKK Race VTX review: 贱 Low profile FPV transmitter

After 的 FX2-Dominator review, we are back 与nother AKK FPV transmitter review. Contrary to its much powerful brother, 的 AKK Race VTX is suitable for low profile racing 无人驾驶飞机s, where space is critical. In addition to 的 ultra-thin design, it comes with lots...

FIMI X8 SE电池:更开心!

FiMI X8 SE备用电池
Xiaomi recently announced 的 latest 4K model, 的 FiMI X8 SE 无人驾驶飞机. Compared to its predecessors, it foldable design and lots of new advanced functionalities. The advertised battery life of 的 FIMI X8 SE is a maximum of 33 minutes in optimum conditions. This is...

AKK FX2-Dominator VTX评估:2W FPV发射器

AKK FX2-Dominator 2W VTX评估
When it comes to FPV flights, it is very important to know at what distance 您 想要 fly. Once 您 lost 的 video connection 与ircraft, 您 can say goodbye. If 您 have luck, it will crash in an uninhabited field without causing...

HOBBYMATE D6 Elite review: More than a 无人驾驶飞机 charger

HobbyMate D6 Elite评测
In 的 past, chargers were very basic electronic devices. I remember 那 一s I tried to repair 一 and I found inside only couple of resistors and diodes. Compared to those old charges, 的 HobbyMate D6 Elite是一款非常通用的高科技装备。在...

FiMI A3充电器(URUAV 2-3S高压):更快& better

小米FiMI A3充电器(URUAV 2-3S HV)
在我们 FiMI A3 review 我们发现,备用充电器只能为锂离子电池充电直到〜12.75V(4.25V /电池)。以此收费水平,我们平均可以得到14分钟的飞行时间。充电 FiMI A3电池带有高压(4.35V / cell)充电器,例如 URUAV 2-3S...

每个人 E511/E511S handbag case

每个人 E511 & E511S handbag
I've been through numerous quadcopter cases over 的 years as a pro 无人驾驶飞机 pilot and I learned 那 的y are good not just to transport 您r 无人机 但 also to store 您r precious RC 玩具. Whether 的y are universal 无人驾驶飞机 backpacks or dedicated 一s like...

无人机吊舱评论& giveaway: Cargo 解 for quadcopters

Few weeks ago, 的 whole media was covered 由一个 news regarding a supposed 无人驾驶飞机 attack at 的 Gatwick airport. 关于 1000 flights have been cancelled and even 的 military was involved to solve 的 "situation"。考虑一下什么样的大众歇斯底里...

Tattu 欢乐飞 LiPo review: Perfect for daily practice

Tattu 欢乐飞 LIPO review
GensTattu最近推出了一条新产品线,名为"FunFly". Unlike 的 "R-Line",仅在4S版本中可用,并且具有两个功能。都, FunFly 1300mAh and FunFly 1550mAh为100C额定值。过去,我们已经审查了几个Tattu LiPos,包括 R-Line HV 1550mAh...

小米MiJia 4K迷你相机评测

小米Mijia 4K评测
Whatever 您 are a FPV pilot or hobbyist aerial filmmaker, a good quality camera is a must have for 您r 无人驾驶飞机 backpack. In addition to its compact design, 的 小米MiJia Mini具有4K @ 30fps的视频录制和电子图像稳定功能。 While in 的 past Xiaomi tried...

VIFLY Finder Drone Buzzer: Never lose 您r FPV 无人驾驶飞机 again

VIFLY Drone Finder蜂鸣器评论
While most of 的 FPV 无人驾驶飞机s are already equipped 与n on-board buzzer, why 您 need such a thing as 的 VIFLY Finder无人机蜂鸣器?让'在我们的评论中发现! Compared to LoS flights, when 您 have permanently 您r eye on 的 无人驾驶飞机'FPV期间的位置...

AKK FX3 Ultimate VTX:评论& Ratings

AKK FX3 Ultimate评测
FX3 Ultimate为AKK's latest 5.8G video transmitter. Compared to 的 first generation FX3 VTX it has on-board microphone and different type of status indicator. Both versions features up to 600mW adjustable broadcast power. Lately, AKK Technology became 一 of 的 most active player on...

MJX C6000 无人驾驶飞机 camera: Review, Ratings & Sample video

MJX C6000评估
If 您're looking for a GoPro alternative at a lower price for 您r MJX 无人机 的 C6000 is worth take a look. 的 MJX C6000 is compatible with 的 Bugs 3H, Bugs 10H and 的 latest MJX Bugs 3 Pro. In addition to allowing...

AKK Infinite DVR VTX:评论,狂奔 & DVR footage

的se days VTXs evolved very much, 的y are not just simply video transmitters, 的y became very versatile FPV gears with multiple functionalities. In addition to 的 high transmission power and Smart Audio, 的 AKK Infinite DVR VTX also features on-board video recording. It allows...

Best 无人驾驶飞机 charger: HOBBYMATE D6 Duo Pro review

Best 无人驾驶飞机 charger: D6 Duo Pro review
If 您’re looking for 一 of 的 best portable drone chargers, 的n 的 HOBBYMATE D6 Duo Pro is an excellent option. In addition 那 allows to charge simultaneously two LiPo batteries with up to 6 cells, also allows to charge wirelessly 您r smartphone. 拥有...的重点

AKK X2/ FX2 Ultimate评测:远程1200mW VTX

AKK X2&FX2 Ultimate VTX评估
Four months ago, AKK announced 的ir new, more powerful, VTX series with up to 1200mW broadcast power. In this review we will have a closer look on 的 AKK X2Ultimate and AKK FX2 Ultimate。不幸的是,美国客户的两种产品都限于1000mW功率。

Tattu R线 HV 1550mAh 100C review: Longer flights & Crazy punch out!

Tattu R线 HV 1550mAh 100C battery review
的 GensAce Tattu 4S High Voltage LiPo battery with 1550mAh capacity offers very long flight time for FPV 无人驾驶飞机s. 的 100C discharge rate gives 您 enough power for impressive acceleration and crazy punch outs. In addition to 的 above, 的 Tattu R线 4s 1550mAh adopts high...

Everyine EV900评论:最便宜的HDMI FPV护目镜?

每个人 EV900 Review
FPV护目镜 like this 每个人 EV900 allow 您 to use 您r quadcopter’s on board FPV camera in order to get a first-person view when flying. Let'可以在我们的Everyine EV900评论中找到其他功能。 While most of 的 racing 无人驾驶飞机s are equipped with 5.8G FPV...

AKK EIO review: 贱 FPV camera with DVR for mini 无人驾驶飞机s

AKKTek released 的ir first all-in-one camera with on-board DVR unit, called AKK EIO. I was lucky enough to snag 一 from 的 first production batch for review. When it comes to racing 无人驾驶飞机s, weight and space is critical. In addition to 的 low weight and...

智云Smooth Q评测:在测试“Top of 的 World”

智云Smooth Q评论
Three weeks ago I received for review 的 智云Smooth Q手持式云台。在写任何有关它的文字之前,我决定在多种环境中对其进行测试。 首先,我带着它去远足,测试了它的耐力。前几个小时是...

每个人 ROTG02 review: 贱 Android FPV receiver

每个人 ROTG02 5.8G OTG receiver review
的se days everyone has at least 一 smartphone in 的ir pocket which can be used as 5.8G FPV display along with this 每个人 ROTG02 Android FPV receiver. Of course, due to its higher latency it can not completely replace a dedicated FPV monitor/goggle. Personally, I...

AKK FX3 5.8 GHz视频发射器评论

AKK FX3 5.8G VTX评估
When it comes to FPV flights, besides 的 quality of 的 camera and goggles, 的 performance of 的 video transmitter (VTX) is also very important. Lately, VTXs evolved a lot. AKK FX3具有SmartAudio和可调广播功率等高级功能。 For those who are...

Tattu 100C HV LiPo: Extra boost for 您r racing 无人驾驶飞机

Tattu 100C R线 HV 锂电池 review
When I review niche products like this Tattu R线 4s HV LiPo battery, it is very hard to find an exciting introduction. I already rewrote 的 第一句话三遍,仍然没有't find something satisfying... 简而言之,LiHV电池就像赛车的硝基电池。虽然标准...

HB120QUAD RC电池充电器评测

Whether 您’re a newbie 那 plays with toy 无人驾驶飞机s or a professional FPV pilot, time will come when 您 will need a RC battery charger like 的 HB120QUAD. In addition to 的 fact 那 allows charging up to 4 LiPo batteries simultaneously, it is compatible...

Seagate 大疆创新 Fly Drive评论: 2TB for 无人驾驶飞机 footage

大疆创新  Fly Drive评论
For 38 years now Seagate has been recognized as a reliable hard disk manufacturer. Looking at 的 company’s latest products, it shows no sign of letting up. Seagate 大疆创新 Fly Drive is a storage 解 for 无人驾驶飞机 operators. In addition to 的 2TB storage capacity...

2s vs 3s LiPo battery: Which 一 is better for mini FPV 无人驾驶飞机s?

GensAce Tattu 2s和3s LiPo比较
上周我收到了Gens Ace的来信 两节锂电池进行审查。 Tattu 2s 800 mAh和Tattu 3s 450 mAh。首先,我 thought about making an individually test of each battery, 但 latter I found it more helpful to make a side by side...

F4飞行控制器评论: First piece of 您r DIY 无人驾驶飞机

F3 flight controllers are outmoded, 的y have half of 的 processing speed of 的 latest F4 flight controllers. But up to 32 kHz loop-time and more, UART ports are really making a difference? Let’s find out in our AKK F4 FC review. 飞行控制器是...

Tattu 4s 1800mah 75C LiPo: Extra flight time for FPV 无人驾驶飞机s

Tattu 4s 1800mah 75C Li-Po评论
Today we’re going to find out how long it takes to charge 的 Tattu 4s 1800mah 75c and what 的 real world flight time is, in comparison to 1300 mAh batteries which are more common for racing 无人驾驶飞机s. 谈到竞赛四轴飞行器,飞行...

AKK X2评测:高达800mW的超级迷你VTX

AKK X2review
Since 的 first FPV 无人驾驶飞机s, VTXs evolved a lot. 的y became smaller and more powerful. In addition to 的 compact size and up to 800mW broadcast power, 的 AKK X2comes with Smart Audio. This means 那 您 can configure 的 AKK X2remotely...

Redpawz EV800 Pro评论:适合所有FPV护目镜

Redpawz EV800 Pro评估
Maybe it is not 的 best, 但 for only $76, 的 Redpawz EV800 Pro is probably 的 only 无人驾驶飞机 goggles which comes with integrated DVR and dual-antenna system. In addition, it is convertible, 您 can use it as FPV googles as well as FPV monitor....

Tattu R-line battery review: 95C, more punch for 您r 无人驾驶飞机

Tattu R线 4s 1300mAh Li-Po battery review
坦率地说,作为我的第一份锂宝评论,我没有't know hoe to start it. I took 的 Tattu R-line 4s 1300 mAh battery in my hand several times hoping for inspiration. Nothing, it was like holding a banal brick. 的n, I realized 那 without 的...

每个人 C600T review: Super mini FPV camera

每个人 C600T mini camera review
When it comes to micro 无人驾驶飞机s, it is very hard to find a camera 那 is small and light enough to fit in. Measuring 15 x 15 mm and weighting only 4.09 grams, 的 Eachine C600T camera can be lifted by very small 无人驾驶飞机s. At 的 moment,...

黑匣子DVR评论: Easy way to Record 您r FPV flights

当涉及FPV航班时,其他类似的设备 Black Box DVR are required to record 的 journey of 您r flights. In order to keep latency at lowest value possible, FPV 摄影机 does not offer recording feature. You have two options to record 您r FPV...

Aomway 1/3相机评论:CCD,650TVL,OSD和麦克风

Aomway 1/3 CCD相机评论
With 的 奥威1/3 CCD 650TVL you got more than a simple camera. Its OSD allows 您 to monitor 的 elapsed flight time and battery voltage. Frankly, in case of FPV flights, 的se two are 的 most important telemetry information. It is critical to know if...

狐狸 HS1177 V2 review: Better housing, improved electronics

狐狸 HS1177 V2 FPV camera review
狐狸's XAT600M classic FPV camera gets new skin and some extras. 的 upgraded Foxeer HS1177 V2 comes with metal case and wider input voltage. To be trendy, 的 camera is available in 3 colors (orange, blue and black). First edition of 的 HS1177 camera, due to its...

Everyine TX01S相机评论:范围广,安装灵活

的 Eachine TX01S camera is specially designed for mini FPV 无人驾驶飞机s like 的 TinyWhoop where space and weight is critical. Due to its modular design, 的 TX01S VTX摄像机也可以成功地用于低调飞机上。 At first look, excepting 的 nice price tag, 的 biggest...

狐狸 Legend 3 review: 4K FPV at decent price

狐狸 Legend 3 4K camera review
While many 无人驾驶飞机 camera manufacturers moved to cubic shape, 狐狸 Legend 3 sees 的 return of 的 candybar form factor 那 Mobius debuted few years ago. 唐't be afraid, 的 old design is paired with UHD 4K video recording which is a must have...

每个人 ATX03 VTX review: 贱 and lightweight

每个人 ATX0 VTX review and test
今天我将回顾  super light VTX module for FPV 无人驾驶飞机s. Weighting only 3.5g, 的 每个人 ATX03 is suitable for 小型四轴飞行器。 VTX modules are used to wirelessly transmit 的 camera's video signal. 的 most common frequency for FPV is 5.8Ghz. In order to allow 的 use...

FrSky Taranis Q X7变送器评论

FrSky Taranis Q X7评论
上周,我回顾了两台FrSky接收器,现在's time to review 的 Taranis Q X7 transmitter - which is 的 latest and cheapest TX from FrSky. When it comes about remote controlled gadgets, FrSky is a very popular radio system among RC fanatics. 的y 未来包装,可靠且 now...


Today I will review two FrSky receivers, 的 mini D8 and 的 XSR ACCST. While 的 Micro Frsky D8 具有PPM和SBUS, FrSky XSR具有S-Bus CPPM output. Those who are new in 的 field, let me say few words about radio receivers. Their main function is to...

Everyine DVR03评论:摄像头,VTX,天线和DVR

具有集成DVR的Everyine DVR03 FPV摄像机(录像机) 乍一看,添加了视频录制功能 to a FPV camera sounds very good. Using 的 每个人 DVR03 camera 您 will not need any additional device to capture 的 journey of 您r flight. Yes, this is great,...


FPV Airport Helipak backpack by 想谢谢照片 In my opinion, 最重要的目标 FPV背包制造商的产品是设计适合自己的产品 任何赛车quadcopter。 Nevertheless, if you 想要比里面更适合 one drone, the 挑战更大。 At first impression 的 FPV Airport Helipak by ThinkThank is not...


小米易2 4K- 最好的航空摄影相机? Yesterday, 出于好奇,我在Google上搜索了"Xiaomi Yi 2 review"。结果非常令人印象深刻。我发现了很多有关此相机的专业文章。 Most of 的 reviews have concluded 那 the Yi 4K is an 出色的动作相机...


Realacc Yuneec背包评论
贱 适用于Yuneec台风4k Quadcopters的Realacc背包 Large quadcopters are beautiful on 的 high-sky but 变得复杂 about 的ir transportation. Without a nice and 像这样的Realacc舒适的Quadcopter背包,非常 difficult to carry 的 无人驾驶飞机 to 的 flight zone in 的 original box. Especially...

每个人 TX01 and TX02 micro FPV camera review

每个人 TX01 and 每个人 TX02 camera review
Review of 的 super mini 每个人 TX01 and TX02 FPV 摄影机 几周前,当我回顾Everyine时's first AIO FPV camera 它的体积小,让我感到惊讶。 Now 的y did it again, 的 每个人 TX01 and TX02 are even smaller. 的se two new FPV 摄影机 are...

FPV backpack for racing 无人驾驶飞机s by Think Thank

FPV Session背包,用于赛车四轴飞行器
FPV Session背包,专为赛车四轴飞行爱好者而设计 If 您 are a FPV fanatic 您 already know 那 一 racing quad is never enough. Don't mention 的 other accessories (FPV glasses, spare batteries, etc.). This is why I like 的 concept of this FPV Session Backpack, it...

每个人MC02 FPV camera 与djustable power

每个人MC02 FPV camera review
每个人MC02 AIO 第一人称视角 camera for small quadcopters One of 的 biggest challenge if 您 want to build a micro FPV quadcopter is to find a proper camera. 的re are only few FPV 摄影机 like this 每个人MC02 which are lightweight enough and supports 1s LI-POs. Recently, I...

每个人 MC01 FPV camera review

每个人 MC01 AIO camera review
每个人 MC01 all-in-one 第一人称视角 camera for quadcotpers and 无人驾驶飞机s 坦率地说,我有点不愿评论这款Everyine MC01 FPV camera because on first impression it looked very cheap compared to 的 RunCam cameras I tested in 的 past. Eachine's idea to integrate 的 camera, 5.8G TX...

Walkera Goggle 4评论

Walkera Goggle 4评估和测试
Walkera Goggle 4的优缺点深入审查 刚刚发布了我的第一FPV护目镜评论,而我的桌子上已经有了另一种型号。首先 impression, this Walkera Goggle 4看起来好多了,所以我'm跳动效果也会更好,尤其是...

KDS Kylin FPV Goggles for 的 mass

KDS Kylin FPV护目镜评论
廉价的FPV护目镜,带有来自KDS Model的内置5.8G接收器 Currently 的re is a large variety of FPV护目镜 on 的 market, from cheap 一s like this KDS Kylin to very expensive 一s that 甚至可以花费700美元。 首先要熟悉FPV护目镜...

大疆Phantom 3手机壳

Realacc Phantom 3案例审查
Hard case for 的 大疆创新 Phantom 3 series Definitely, after 您 pay about $ 1000 for a quadcopter, 您 will 想要 carry and store 您 precious toy in 的 safest possible way. 在我看来, a hard case like this Realacc is 的 best solution for transporting 您r Phantom...

RunCam Owl Plus相机评论

RunCam Owl Plus评论
RunCam Owl Plus评估-夜间飞行时的眼睛 也许每个人都知道那只猫头鹰's eyes are large in order to improve 的ir efficiency, especially under extremely low light conditions. This is why RunCam equipped 的ir Owl Plus StarLight camera with a larger image sensor. While 的ir...

RunCam Swift相机评论

RunCam Swift评论
RunCam Swift相机,用于竞赛四轴飞行器 If I count correctly, this RunCam Swift camera will be 的 fourth model which I have 的 luck to review from 的 manufacturer with 的 slogan "Born for RC fanatics". From my experience with RunCam, I can say 那 的y respect...

哈克 Storm32 cheap 3D gimbal review

哈克 Storm32 review
经济实惠的Storm32 3轴 gimbal from HAKRC You can have 的 best quadcopter camera of 的 moment 但, without being accompanied by a 稳定的无刷万向节,至少像这样的HAKRC Storm32, 很难捕捉到一些流畅的画面 aerial videos. According to 的 number of installed brushless motors, 的 camera gimbals can...

飞宇科技MiNi3D Pro评估

飞宇科技风云MiNi3D Pro评估
适用于GoPro的MiNi3D Pro 3轴无刷云台 I have heard for 的 first time about Feiyu Tech few months ago when 的y announced this MiNi3D Pro 3轴云台。坦率地说,  至少在照片中,它似乎是高质量的产品。我开始搜寻...

狐狸 Legend 1 camera review

狐狸 Legend 1 camera review
狐狸 Legend 1 轻型四旋翼相机 It seems I have reached 的 end of my small form-factor camera road-map. This 狐狸 Legend 1 is 的 last model from 的 "Mobius family"我必须回顾一下。 这款Foxeer相机绝对很难抗击...

RunCam 2 Quadcopter相机评论

RunCam 2评估
 RunCam 2轻型FPV RC狂热者相机 If I count correctly, this RunCam 2 will be 的 7th quadcopter camera which I'我最近正在审查。老实说,我没有't find yet 的 camera which offers brilliant quality at affordable price. Who knows, being 的 lucky 7th this RunCam...


智云Z1-Evolution手持式3D云台 I know this Zhiyun Z1-Evolution is not a 100% quadcopter related gadget, 但 if 您 想要 make product reviews you 肯定会需要这样的设备。通常,我会使用智能手机或头戴式运动相机记录我的处女航。

RunCam PZ0420M相机评论

RunCam SkyPlus评估
PZ0420M 又名SkyPlus轻型FPV相机 Most of 的 TVL security cams can be also used as first person view cameras and few of 的m are even cheaper than 的 RunCam PZ0420M. Even so, 我认为使用专用 camera to build my FPV system. When 您 are...

每个人 LCD5802S FPV screen review

每个人 LCD5802S FPV review
每个人 LCD5802S 5.8GHz 7" LCD with diversity 昨天,我第一次使用这个Everyine LCD5802S屏幕进行了FPV飞行, 它表现很好。那是个 伟大的秋天星期天,与  完美的色彩,充足的阳光,非常适合外出和玩我的新游戏 "toys". I had an...

RunCam HD评论

RunCam HD摄像头评论
RunCam HD四轴飞行器 camera - 为RC狂热者而生 有很多四轴飞行器's very hard to find a camera 那 fits all models especially in terms of weight. With only 41g 的 RunCam HD camera seems to be suitable for most of my Quads. Thanks to 的 low...

FPV 2轴无刷云台评测

的 cheapest 2D brushless gimbal First of all, cheap 不一定意味着质量差...好, not all 的 time:). 的 popularity of 的 FPV 2 axis gimbal is 的 best proof of this fact. 让我们谈谈什么 恰好意味着一个万向节,为什么我们需要这样的...

EKOO S090迷你四轴相机

EKOO S090四旋相机
EKOO S090 Mobius型小型四轴飞行器相机 I have more than five mid sized quadcopters with stock 摄影机 from 0.3 to 5MP, honestly 的re is not much image quality difference between 的m. Lots of times it happened to go outside an play with 一 of my...

机场Helipak Quadcopter背包

机场Helipak Quadcopter背包
机场直升机停机坪-DJI Phantom 3背包 Can 一 backpack be fit for all 您r gadgets (DSLR and GoPro camera, Laptop and quadcopter)? 直到我发现 Think Thank Photo'新的幻影机场直升机场™我没想到这是可能的。 I've started my journey in 的 world...