In this section you will find detailed instructions about how to build your first 四旋翼机.


Building a DIY 四旋翼机 allows to add features as you wish.

DIY四轴飞行器 和 DIY Drones

Some mods 和 hacks 是 also included in this category. Control range tuning. Quadcopter firmware upgrades. Battery upgrade 和 many more.


飞行控制器 repair of Eachine QX110 V-Tail 四旋翼机 drone
几个月前,我收到了 Everyine QX110 V尾迷你赛车手进行审查。首次飞行进行得很顺利,即使在发生轻微坠机事故后,它也像新飞机一样飞行。我很勇敢地尝试进行一些翻转"Acro"模式,我倒过来了。大量的烟雾和乐趣消失了。 到家后,我给无人机通电-一台电动机启动了...

Realacc 021 DIY mini 四旋翼机: Learn to build 和 fly

Realacc 021 DIY无人机
Realacc 021乐高积木,建造砖迷你无人机 最近我写了许多建筑用无人驾驶飞机,但是这辆Realacc 021实际上是第一个 that I personally build, review 和 test. I just placed my order 和 I'm waiting for it :) 正如我之前提到的, quadcopter comes in parts should not scare you. Especially that we 是 talking...

FrSky receivers 与 PPM, CPPM 和 SBUS: XSR 和 D8

FrSky receivers: D8 和 XSR
Today I will review two FrSky receivers, the mini D8 和 the XSR ACCST. While the Micro Frsky D8 features PPM 和 SBUS, FrSky XSR具有S-Bus CPPM output. Those who 是 new in the field, let me say few words about radio receivers. Their main function is to interlink wirelessly the flight controller 与 the transmitter (remote controller). Additionally they can offer also...


HELIWAY 902HS 四旋翼机
直升机902HS- 乐高积木建筑砖无人机 在我看来,HELIWAY 902HS的积木概念非常好,因为它使乐趣倍增。孩子们不仅可以学习操作无人机,还可以学习建造 their own. This cheap DIY KIT包括建造飞行器所需的一切,从电动机,飞行控制器,电池到遥控器……。

适用于Everyine QX70的螺旋桨改装

适用于Everyine QX70的螺旋桨改装 四旋翼机
Everyine QX70上的三叶螺旋桨(又名Tiny Whoop) Having some free time, I decided to mod my QX70 by replacing the stock props 与 Hubsan 3-leaf propellers. 大约一个月前,我得到了这款FFP迷你无人机,但是由于 its limited flight time 和 noise operation, I kept it in the box 直到现在。经过研究,我发现这些缺点...

DM002 drone review: Dirty cheap 和 easy to build

DM002 DIY无人机评论
DM002 - Cheap DIY 四旋翼机 与 FPV camera Recently, I received the DM002 quadcopter for tests, a Chinese RC toy quite entertaining 与 an attractive price. I assembled it and played around 与 it 和 now it is time to write my review, of course 最后,我将得出最终结论。 As I previously mentioned many times, the fact that a drone 分为部分 should not scare...

HobbyMate Q100 review: Build 和 Test

HobbyMate Q100 Quadcopter无人机评论
HobbyMate Q100 micro FPV 四旋翼机 for indoor fun 在冬季, outside are -15ºC,可以't find the mood to play outdoor with your favorite racing 无人驾驶飞机。幸运的是,像HobbyMate Q100这样的微型四边形刷牙 are great for replacing the outdoor fun 与 an 室内一间。这种模式比廉价便宜的优势 toy drones 是通用的可编程飞行控制器。 After I reviewed many RTF 包s, I liked...

REDCON Phoenix 210评论

REDCON Phoenix 210评论
REDCON Phoenix 210-廉价赛车 As this summer I'm planing to organize some drone racing 与 my friends, I started to look for cheap racing 四旋翼机s. I do not want to lend them my precious Walkera racing quads, if it crashes at least it is done by my hand. Among the wide variety of racing drones I found...


F450 quadcopter 与 ArduCopter flight controller 我的儿子一直乐于帮助我建造或拆卸任何东西,因此当我告诉他关于从头开始建造四人制房屋的计划时,他非常热心(好吧,几乎是从头开始)。他唯一的抱怨就是为什么我们没有'建造八旋翼或至少六旋翼。一世...

RunCam 2和Foxeer Legend 1

RunCam 2和Foxeer Legend 1
Battle of the best 四旋翼机 cameras - RunCam 2和Foxeer Legend 1 昨天天气很冷,但是阳光明媚,所以我想应该是第一次飞行了 of 2016 :) 我已经计划了并排相机测试一段时间,但仅 now I found the right time 和 also had the mood to do it. I...

在JJRC H8C变送器内部

查看JJRC H8C遥控器的内部 Today I opened my JJRC H8C 2.4Ghz遥控器 find out how I can 改进它。默认控制范围是 around 80 meters and 我想扩展此范围,添加真正的6db 2.4Ghz天线。 打开变送器非常容易。我使用了随附的螺丝刀 package 与JJRC H8C四轴飞行器一起使用。内...