赛马X5sC-1 quadcopter review

赛玛 X5sc-1 Quadcopter评估

S5sC’s 赛马X5sC-1 stylish quadcopter for beginners

All 的 kids are now back to school 和 的 parents (ok probably only 的 dads :)) will have more time to play 与 的ir favorite remote controlled toys. 昨天是我6岁的儿子’s first school day, 他看起来很热心,我’我很好奇他是否会继续这样下去 graduating 的 college. We had few agitated days 与 这个 school thing, but finally everything looks calm 和 I have time to 评论my new toy, 的 赛马X5sC-1 quadcopter.

赛玛 X5系列被称为最佳初学者四轴飞行器。一世’m very curious 此新升级的X5sC-1是否 maintains this reputation. “Steroid” features 像无头模式,然后回到家,从未给我留下深刻的印象 I’m more 有兴趣 in improving my 飞行技巧。飞行是不合逻辑的 你的四轴飞行器太远了 away if you can’t 自己带回来


Since I started my journey in 的 四旋翼飞机的世界,我从最小的X12测试了许多移动电玩城型号 到最大的X8W。不幸, not everybody 可以购买所有型号 从市场上有适当的 适用于室内,室外或FPV飞行的多旋翼。这款X5sC提供了很好的中间解决方案,具有适合室内和室外飞行的完美尺寸。有 有FPV升级套件 对于这架飞机 transforms it 在第一人称视角的quadcopter。

I will be a bit shorter 与 my 赛马X5sC-1 review because two more products are waiting in 的 box to be reviewed.

该包裹的交付速度非常快,仅用了8天 the X5sC in my hand. I thank Adam from 最佳齿轮 for 的 professional approach by offering multi-rotors 及相关产品 诚实的评论。提供更消费者友好  产品审查不仅仅是 购买横幅空间或其他广告技巧。

赛马X5sC-1 quadcopter 评论与 test flight

主要区别 (and probably 的 only one) between 的 X5sC 和 the upgraded X5SC-1 is 的 smaller, 更便于运输的包装。赛马X5sC-1 first impression

There are two different 楷模 of 这个 drone, one 与out camera which is called X5s 和 的 X5sC with camera. Usually, 的 letter “C” in 的 name of the 赛玛 楷模 is pointing that 的 飞机 is equipped 与 a 相机。

I opted for 的 orange version of 的 赛玛 X5sC Quad 哪一个 was preferred by my son, but is also available in white 和 black finish.

配套包括您第一次飞行所需的一切, 甚至4GB的存储卡也可以使一些不错的航拍视频永生。 For beginners, I recommend RTF quadcopters, because 的y are ready out of 的 box for learning flights.

优先于 first test flight you should install 的 landing skids 和 的 propeller guards. You should also check 的 battery voltage if you have a volt-meter.

赛马X5sC-1 review – 飞机

如下面的图像所示,与之前的飞机相比,飞机进行了重新设计。 In order to allow a higher ground guard, 的 bridge type landing skids are placed 与 4pcs of 较高的个人着陆脚。为了保护 main gear 和 rotor shaft 由于过多的灰尘,头发或草丛,它们被封闭在主机身中。 These tiny 如果有刷电机很容易过早烧毁 由于这种不需要的杂质而减慢了速度。X5和X5sC

左侧移动电玩城 X5C– 对 side X5SC

The camera mount was redesigned too, it can be easily removed in 的 field without any 加itional tools. Without 的 extra weight 和 power consumption of 的 camera 您可以 earn about 1-2分钟的额外播放时间。

为了 解决了先前模型的另一个设计不便之处,来自移动电玩城的工程师 重新分配了电池盒’s door from 的 aircraft’s belly 到身体的底部。电池仓是 稍大一些,因此可能有足够的空间容纳更大容量的电池。

赛马X5sC-1 review – 发射机 (remote controller)

发射器 looks 100% identical with 的 one of its predecessor 和 yes, the fake plastic antenna on 的 top is also present. I read it somewhere that, unfortunately, 的 发射机s are not compatible 和 interchangeable, 的 X5SC-1 发射机 won’t bind 与 的 older X5C-1四旋翼机. 对于那些 与 some DIY skills, 的 50 meters control range can be extended by 加ing a real Wi-Fi antenna to about 100 meters. I made 这个 easy hack to my X5C’s remote controller 与 successful results, 您可以 read my step-by-step guide 这里.

A small LCD screen is present on 的 bottom of 发射机 and 显示如下信息: transmitter’s电池电量,调整水平,偏航率,油门水平。

赛马X5sC-1 review – camera赛马X5sC-1's camera

这个X5SC-1 配备相同 许多移动电玩城使用的著名720P相机 models. The 唯一的改进是关于存储空间 以更高的容量交付 4GB microSD卡。 2MP offers decent image quality in 良好的光照条件,但没有什么特别的可以通过文本文件(TIME.TXT)设置时间戳 that must be copied 在根目录中 存储卡。如果您对第一人称航班的美丽感到好奇,并准备花一些额外的钱 (大约$ 50美元),有一个兼容的5.8GHz FPV升级套件。

我保证 later I will add to my review some sample images 和 videos captured 与 the X5sC’s camera.

赛马X5sC-1 review – Flight performances 和 final words

X5SC-1’的提升力由4个 8毫米有刷电机,厚1毫米 以前的模型有的。抛开风虫(可能会解决 with X5SC非常稳定,可以轻松地悬停。我建议初学者设置飞行速度 on low, especially when 的y practice indoor. 后 的y are familiarized 与 的 basic flight movements 的y can switch to HIGH speed where 的 Quad becomes even more responsive 和 agile.赛马X5sC-1 upgraded

My only disappointment regarding 这个 quad-copter is the play time. 5 分钟的连续飞行对我来说还不够。什么时候 我开始玩得开心, 电池电量不足警报警告。通过删除 the propeller guards 和 的 camera 的 flight time can be increased 与 2 more minutes.

As usual, being pressed by my wife 与 household stuff I forgot my camcorder at home, so 我可以’t show my test flight. I scheduled 下个周末我的第二个 flight 与 这个 beauty 和 I will post 的 results on my YouTube channel.

后 I reviewed many 赛玛 楷模 I can 说他们是认真的制造商 who tries to improve 的ir product lines in many ways. 这个X5SC-1 is a good proof of 这个 concern. Another advantage of 移动电玩城产品具有以下优势: the spare parts. In case of some damages 的y can easily be repaired 与 minimal costs.

对于那些 interested in ordering this quadcopter 最佳齿轮 has one of 的 best offer on 的 market. You can easily order 这个 model right 这里.

赛马X5sC-1 review – pros 和 cons


  • 容易飞;
  • 无头飞行模式;
  • 开/关电源开关;
  • 封闭式主齿轮;
  • 高 landing skids;
  • 体面的2MP相机;
  • FPV升级的可能性。


  • 飞行时间短,大约5分钟;
  • 仅适用于低风条件;
  • More expensive than 的 older X5C-1.
Images 与 的 赛马X5sC-1 quadcopter


  1. 我可以’t find directions on how to set up 的 X5SC-1 drone for using a cell phone 与 的 相机。 Nothing I’ve tried works?? Can you please send me some directions so 我可以 get 这个 thing flying 和 use my cell phone to see 的 images live while in flight?

    谢谢 和 have a great day!

  2. Hello, I just received my first X5SC-1 Drone in 的 mail. The manual said to use 的 QR code to download 的 user manual 哪一个 I did. I downloaded 的 赛玛 app for use 与 my iPhone but it is asking for a username 和 password to pair 和 的y do not have one in any of 的 directions.
    The manual that came 与 的 drone was in terrible broken English 和 我可以’t hardly understand what it is saying but 的re is definitely no password.

    I am hoping 的re is a default password 您可以 give me so 我可以 get 这个 thing paired.

    谢谢 for any help 您可以 provide.

  3. Hi i´m looking for a starter drone 和 i would like to know your opinion about wich one is 的 best choice between 赛玛 x5c or Eachine E58. I read your post about Eachine E58 与 FPV 和 i also found a lot of information online about 赛玛 x5c that is making my choice even more dificult. My budget can rise up to 100 USD.

  4. 刚拿到我的第一架无人机,移动电玩城 X5 SC-1,过圣诞节了,虽然最初飞行还不错(最高@ 100feet),但现在它已经开始偏向右偏起飞(假设相机指向我了) )。我尝试过重新校准方法,但没有任何区别。

    I notice that 的 props, 哪一个 can fitted, are C1, 2 x C2’s (opposite each other) 和 c3. Does it matter how 的y are fitted ? The replacement set are made up of 2 x A4 和 2 x B3


  5. 谢谢! You cleared up 的 difference between 的 old 和 new versions. And it’s great to hear that 我可以 加 FPV later. (I see Amazon has 的 kit for $50).

  6. Thank you for 的 review.
    I am looking for a cheaper quad but good quality, could you guide me for 的 any other brand?

    • 老实说’s hard to find cheaper quadcopters than 的 X5C-1 哪一个 support video recording. Even 的 smaller H107C is more expensive.
      Nano sized drones 与out a camera, like 的 切尔森 CX-10 are cheaper of course, but 的y are mainly suitable only for indoor flights.

  7. Looking to purchase motors for my 赛玛 x5 sc-1 upgraded version quad copter. Ordered some on line only to find out that 的y were skinnier 和 longer.
    Any body know were 我可以 get 的 correct ones?

  8. I’m having problems 与 my X5sc. I originally thought a motor was bad 和 replaced two of 的m but that has not fix 的 issue. When I go to fly all four of my props are spinning 和 it seems 的 ones I thought were damaged are not spinning fast enough for an equal lift. In fact it tends to flip on it’而不是上升。
    Any clue what is going on 和 what can be done to fix it?